At your service

Jasper's talents and services

Supporting Talents Careers & Developments 

While you focus on developing your talent, my talent lies within supporting you with where ever is needed. 

  • Bookings
  • Promotions
  • Communications
  • Social Media
  • Networking
  • Whatever is needed to keep you in your flow!

Event Support

I am a hard worker and I will do anything to set up & keep an event going, and to make sure that performers, visitors and colleagues are having the best time ever. 


Volunteers coordinator

@ Werfpop Festival




About me

I love working with people. And I love how music brings people together. Music is the universal language and there is nothing that makes me more happy than to see people celebrating life and having fun enjoying music.
From an early age I have been on the sideline of the Booker Agency, the largest agency in The Netherlands representing radio-DJ talents. I was lucky enough to assist De Booker at many events, festivals and concerts. Growing to love the music industry more and more.
As soon as the event industry kicks off again, you will find me where needed. Building up festivals, welcoming artists to the venue or driving the artist to venues where they perform.

After I have finished my studies in tourism, I have also decided to start supporting up and coming talents in the music industry.